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Jaymin – we loved having you on campus and we’re excited to have you back this year!  Your positive energy and extensive experience resonated with the students and they raved about your presentation for the weeks to follow.

Jamie Elwell, Director, Career Development, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio

Jaymin J. Patel

Jaymin J. Patel has inspired 1000s of students and industry professionals at some of the top schools and most revered companies in the world. He has been on “both sides of the table” as a recruiter and as a candidate, and through his failures and successes, has figured out a system that leads individuals to wild success in college, career, and beyond.

He’s a man on a mission to share The Rockstar Approach with millions!

As a student/candidate he had to learn effective networking strategies and skill sets to stand out among top-caliber candidates to land his dream job out of college at one of “the top companies for to work for.”  He joined the “top 5% of earners in the US 25 & up” – when he was only 24 years old!

As a recruiter, he has had the opportunity to personally meet and assess hundreds of students and industry professionals at networking events, review hundreds of resumes, and even perform the interview and evaluation for dozens of students and industry professionals vying for a position in his firm.  He discovered the 11 Rockstar Attributes that recruiters are looking for in candidates!

After writing 7 books and having the honor and privilege of speaking around the world and reaching folks across 5 continents, Jaymin has found his true passion is energizing large groups of students and industry professionals with dynamic, engaging, and educational presentations, and sharing his message with those who are eager to wake up every day to find wild success in college, career, and beyond!

Jaymin understands how to utilize networking to its fullest potential and is a real Networking Rockstar. He provides real examples, real strategies, real failures and real success stories. His presentation takes a very complex process and provides simple strategies to utilize networking to find employment and build your career to his highest potential.

Dana C. Romano
Associate Director, Professional Development
University of Pittsburgh


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