Fall Speaking Tour: Chicago Booth School of Business

Published: October 12, 2013

We are so excited we get to bring you back to campus multiple times a year to speak to our students – they love your energy and your powerful advice every time!

Maureen Manion-Leone Senior Director, Career Management Center Emory University – Goizueta Business School, Georgia

The University of Chicago really has one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve seen – its always a pleasure to go back and visit the Business School because the students are consistently really great to interact with.  And this time was no exception.

When I arrived, there was a line of ~80 students waiting to get in the room, and another ~70 or so inside.  A really great turnout, and it really built the excitement as we got prepared to begin the presentation.  I had a nice, relaxed 1.5 hours to cover the material which is pretty much ideal.

The best part about Booth is really the students.  It was very easy to connect with them, and they showed such an interest in really learning, and exemplified the collaborative nature of their class when I had called up a student to deliver her 30-second pitch in front of the audience.  They all shouted out words of encouragement and really listened to the live feedback I provided the student.

I’ve been at Chicago Booth many, many times as a Recruiter, and it was a complete pleasure to return as a content speaker.  I received many notes and comments from the students, but I really loved this one from a first year student:

“Thank you for a fantastic lecture today at Booth- I heard a lot of students say that it was the best event we’ve gone to about recruiting and networking “

The best…?  Why thank you – I do believe I’ve written the “ultimate guide to networking” and am glad to hear it resonates with so many students.  Its feedback like this that helps me confirm that leaving management consulting to help people achieve their dream job was the right move!

Thank you to the Booth Career Services Office and to Booz & Company for hosting the event and providing the first 100 students with their own copy of the book to take home!