Fall Speaking Tour: Columbia Business School

Published: October 9, 2013

We are so excited we get to bring you back to campus multiple times a year to speak to our students – they love your energy and your powerful advice every time!

Maureen Manion-Leone Senior Director, Career Management Center Emory University – Goizueta Business School, Georgia

I have to admit, ever since I watched Spiderman, I’ve been wanting to visit the iconic campus of Columbia University.  Well, I finally had that chance when Booz & Company sponsored me as a content presenter for the Columbia Business School.  We had a great turnout and the students were very engaged and energized.  We covered all the foundational aspects of the networking science that is the base of the “Rockstar Approach” and also broke down the path to really building solid personal relationships.

Student emails started coming through immediately!  Some really great things to hear after a session:

“I thought both the content you presented and your delivery made the event one of the most interesting and useful presentations I’ve seen so far this fall. In fact, last night I used one of the “half-moon” tactics you mentioned to break into a recruiter’s circle and ask an interesting question that tied into my previous experience; the recruiter asked me for my 30-second pitch afterward!”

There were quite a few international students in the mix as well, and it was really nice to hear that the message really resonated with them.  One student reached out to say:

“I’m from Shanghai, China. Thank you for your great speech at CBS today. Your book is so practical and helpful. I already recommended it to my fellow Chinese students who are also trying to adapt to the American style networking for recruiting. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!”

My pleasure – I’m glad that anyone can pick up the book and really learn from it.  I wanted it to be a practical and actionable book that can help people achieve their dream job – and its fantastic to hear that it can resonate with someone from half-way across the world!

Thank you CBS for a hosting a great event – and what a BEAUTIFUL campus!