Fall Speaking Tour: Final Stop, Carnegie Mellon University

Published: November 27, 2013

Wow! We’re definitely having you back!  You give networking the concreteness that too often eludes the other “experts”.

Dean Vera, Assistant Dean, Rutgers Business School, New Jersey

After nearly 4 months straight on the road traveling all across the US and Internationally, I couldn’t think of a better place to end the 2013 Fall Speaking Tour than my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.   I delivered two workshops; an afternoon lunch session at the Heinz College, where I had received my Masters in Public Policy Management, and an evening session at the Tepper School of Business where I received my MBA.   Both sessions were really well attended, and the students were very engaged, and asked some great questions.  It was great to come back to CMU as an alum – I felt a strong connection with the audience and really enjoyed both of the workshops.

I also received some wonderful “Thank you” notes from students at both schools, here’s a few of them:

“Thank you for coming back to campus and sharing your professional journey with [us]. I have already read your book and found it very useful. Your structured approach to networking made it really easy for me to understand the process. You were very engaging during the workshop, and listening to your experiences at CMU as well as at Booz & Company gave me insights to how you utilized your networking skills to navigate through the recruitment process and beyond.

“Thanks for coming to campus on Monday.  Overall the story you told about being a problem solver and taking things apart from a young age will help improve the story I share. I am meeting with a friend today to practice my pitch so I wanted to reach out and let you know that I will definitely use your advice. I was glad to mention your approach and book to my friend.”

“Thank you for coming at campus last Monday to share your experience and insights on networking.  I valued your advice on how to make a good first impression when meeting with recruiters, starting by asking smart questions or adopting certain behaviors during networking events.  I have an engineering background and I am aware that networking skills are something that I have to work on if I want to reach my goals.”

“Thank you for the presentation yesterday.  Found your approach to networking extremely useful and helped me reflect on things I was overlooking in my conversations with recruiters”

Thank YOU students!  My goal was to help provide a fresh perspective with actionable techniques via The Rockstar Approach to Networking, and looks like the message definitely resonated with you.  I only wish the very best for both Heinz & Tepper students, and am happy to be a part of that journey.

Continue to share the message with your classmates: www.networklikearockstar.com

Rock on!