Fall Speaking Tour: Katz School of Business in Pittsburgh, PA

Published: August 20, 2013

Jaymin – we loved having you on campus and we’re excited to have you back this year!  Your positive energy and extensive experience resonated with the students and they raved about your presentation for the weeks to follow.

Jamie Elwell, Director, Career Development, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio

It was an honor and privilege to do a two-part workshop over two days at the University of Pittsburgh(www.business.pitt.edu). Day 1 included me as a key-note speaker in a beautiful ballroom with over 100 first-year MBA students, while Day 2 was a more intimate session with international students.

When I come speak at Katz, I get welcomed like a member of their family!  Every last detail was taken care of, and it was a wonderfully executed event.  Liz even loosened the cap on my bottle when handing me a water so I wouldn’t have to!  Just amazingJ

The team at Katz created a great series of professional development programming which I was able to attend (and learn a lot from!).  I learned that Paul Revere was a great networker.  I was also able to see one of my personal heroes, Marc Cosentino do his presentation on case interviews – Marc’s book Case in Point (www.casequestions.com) was a book I used as a “bible” when I was in Business School which helped me be successful in my interviews with many of the top consulting firms, including McKinsey, Bain, and Booz.  Its really an honor to call him a colleague as we are now both authors in this industry.  He’s such a nice guy, he even took  me out to lunch!

I must say that I believe the Katz students delivered one of the best 30-second elevator pitches that I’ve heard from any school!  Having the opportunity to be on-campus for two days also gave me opportunities to meet students informally outside of buildings, crossing the street, and even in the elevator (no, I did not make them deliver their 30 second pitch in the elevator!).

Once again, the best part was in the thank-you notes sent by students.  I wanted to call out one in particular:

“Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with the incoming Katz MBA class yesterday. The session was incredibly informative and inspiring to myself and fellow classmates”

Inspiring – what a great word to use.  It is my goal to help others and your email serves as fuel to continue down the path… thank YOU!