Fall Speaking Tour: Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern

Published: October 12, 2013

Jaymin – we loved having you on campus and we’re excited to have you back this year!  Your positive energy and extensive experience resonated with the students and they raved about your presentation for the weeks to follow.

Jamie Elwell, Director, Career Development, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio

OK, I have to say it – I think this was one of the most energetic and fun crowds I’ve had a chance to work with this season!   Over 100 students packed into the lecture hall where I gave my 1 hour presentation –there was so much to cover, so many great questions and interaction from the students, yet so little time to cover it all.  There was a high level of excitement throughout the hour presentation and even afterwards.  We didn’t get to cover everything I wanted to share with the students, but lucky for them, they all received copies of the book, compliments of Booz & Company!  The students were excited to be able to take the books with them and get a better understanding of the Rockstar Approach.

Here’s some feedback and emails that I received from the students:

“Thanks again for taking the time to speak to us at Kellogg yesterday about “Networking Like a Rockstar.” I especially enjoyed the relatable examples you shared, and appreciated the tips you gave that we can take action on immediately “

“Thank you for coming to campus on Thursday to share your advice on how to network like a rock star! I found the session to be incredibly helpful and relevant, and have already used your advice about reaching out to recruiting personnel to schedule a follow up call.  I look forward to using the tools and techniques that you have equipped us with to network like a rock star and hopefully land myself a great internship this summer! “

I really do think that one of the best parts of the “Rockstar Approach” is that you can attend a session and really begin to put to concepts to use immediately – they are practical, actionable, and can really help you land your dream job!

Thank you to Kellogg’s Career Management Center and Booz & Company for hosting me – looking forward to similar impactful partnerships in the future!