Fall Speaking Tour: Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern

Published: October 12, 2013

Jaymin is an engaging speaker with strong examples that highly resonate with our students.  He is the only guest speaker that I brought back twice this year.  His message is that good!

Christine Arsenault, Director, Management Co-Op, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

OK, I have to say it – I think this was one of the most energetic and fun crowds I’ve had a chance to work with this season!   Over 100 students packed into the lecture hall where I gave my 1 hour presentation –there was so much to cover, so many great questions and interaction from the students, yet so little time to cover it all.  There was a high level of excitement throughout the hour presentation and even afterwards.  We didn’t get to cover everything I wanted to share with the students, but lucky for them, they all received copies of the book, compliments of Booz & Company!  The students were excited to be able to take the books with them and get a better understanding of the Rockstar Approach.

Here’s some feedback and emails that I received from the students:

“Thanks again for taking the time to speak to us at Kellogg yesterday about “Networking Like a Rockstar.” I especially enjoyed the relatable examples you shared, and appreciated the tips you gave that we can take action on immediately “

“Thank you for coming to campus on Thursday to share your advice on how to network like a rock star! I found the session to be incredibly helpful and relevant, and have already used your advice about reaching out to recruiting personnel to schedule a follow up call.  I look forward to using the tools and techniques that you have equipped us with to network like a rock star and hopefully land myself a great internship this summer! “

I really do think that one of the best parts of the “Rockstar Approach” is that you can attend a session and really begin to put to concepts to use immediately – they are practical, actionable, and can really help you land your dream job!

Thank you to Kellogg’s Career Management Center and Booz & Company for hosting me – looking forward to similar impactful partnerships in the future!