Fall Speaking Tour: NYU Stern School of Business

Published: September 28, 2013

Our students are still talking about you! They loved your presentation!

Sara Muriello, Cross Cultural and Communication Specialist, University of Rochester, New York

NYU has always had a special place in my heart, it was one of the first schools I walked in to do a presentation in front of a fully-packed room of over 100 students when I first published the book.  It was a very exciting (and somewhat nerve-racking!) experience, but it was fun nonetheless, and I was able to build a strong relationship with the Management Consulting Club (MCA) at the school and sell some of the first dozen copies of my book.

This time, the focus was really on international students.  In a beautiful setting in the upper floors of the Stern School, I led a 1.5 hour session focused on helping international students network like Rockstars!  The students’ questions were great and kept me on my toes, and my stories and examples seemed to keep them laughing.  Overall, it was a fun and educational session where I believe the “networking science” of the Rockstar Approach really opened up  some new possibilities for students who have found themselves in a new country, and a new culture.  Now they are equipped to go out and really make an impact with Recruiters.

James Kingham, Associate Director of the Office of Career Development at NYU Stern wrote me a wonderful “thank you” note after the event in which he stated:

“Several students approached me after the event (and emailed me today) expressing their gratitude and renewed sense of confidence heading into corporate presentation season.”

I also received some great feedback from the students, and am happy to have helped make a difference.  Very glad to be back at NYU – a beautiful campus in an amazing city.  I think my visit has convinced me to just move to NYC!