The INTERNATIONAL TOUR! – Capetown, Milan, Rome, Paderno Del Grappa, San Francisco, Atlanta!

Published: May 28, 2015

Jaymin is an engaging speaker with strong examples that highly resonate with our students.  He is the only guest speaker that I brought back twice this year.  His message is that good!

Christine Arsenault, Director, Management Co-Op, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What an amazing roller-coaster in Spring!  While having the opportunity to speak domestically at some of my favorite programs like UC Berkeley, HULT, CMU, and Emory, I also took off for a round the world speaking tour when I was invited to speak in Capetown, Milan, Rome, and Paderno Del Grappa!

Not only did I have the opportunity to share my “Relationship Hierarchy” and the Rockstar Approach with audiences around the world, I also was written up by various media outlets including the top economic newspaper in Italy “Sole 24 Ore” – which is like the Wall St Journal of that country!  Check out the article here:

My first stop was the invitation to address students at one of the top business schools in all of Africa – the Graduate School of Business at the University of Capetown.  It was an incredible experience to reach this audience and have my message resonate with them so well.  The young professionals loved the presentation and even took me out for drinks afterwards.  The city of Capetown was gorgeous, and I look forward to returning soon!

Next was a flurry of activity in Italy.  Starting with the CIMBA program which is an international MBA location for many US schools including the University of Iowa (the official degree granting program).  In the foothills of the Italian Alps, I conducted media interviews and led a 90 minute presentation with the next generation of international leaders.  (I’m wearing the shirt they gave me as I’m writing this!)

Then was invitation from esteemed professor Marshal Langer at the American University of Rome where I address undergraduate students eager to explore the world and make an impact.  After the presentation, professor Langer stated:

“Inspiringly eloquent, Jaymin gave new graduates direction to find great jobs.  Interviewing, job seeking and networking tips, trick, hints, passionately delivered in memorable pros and precise instruction.  Students now know what they must do: be proactive, take interest, and be interesting telling their story; and they saw in Jaymin how to do it.  The energetic, yet unintimidating, open-discussion style marked Jaymin’s approach, helpful to all embarking on young careers”

Finally, I shifted my focus to Milan – the design capital of the world where I spoke with students at DOMUS Academy.  An intimate group of social innovators and strategists, the presentation led to some funky discussions over “appertivo” – a milenese version of “happy hour”!

There were many hours of flying, but it was all so worth it.  My mission is to share the Relationship Hierarchy and the Rockstar Approach with 1 million people and I’m getting closer and closer everyday.  Thank you all for your support.

Next week I’ll be attending the NACE conference in Anaheim, CA and then the MBACSEA conference in Dallas, TX to continue with my mission to inspire the next generation of leaders.

From Rainy Atlanta, Rock On!

-Jaymin 🙂