Thank you for your presentation at our school yesterday. There is no way I would have considered my 30 second pitch to be “Rockstar” without your initial guidelines and feedback. I definitely felt I was one of those who did not have this skill and was amazed at how well I was able to perform with the simple guidance you provided.

Phil E., Student, University of Iowa, Iowa

Thank you for coming to campus to share your advice on how to network like a rock star! I found the session to be incredibly helpful and relevant, and have already used your advice about reaching out to recruiters!

Dan L., Student, Northwestern University, Illinois

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your session. Seems like I’ve been to a million ’how to network’ meetings and have never really gotten much out of them. However, I really enjoyed and appreciated your unique approach. What really brought it home is that you speak from a recruiter’s perspective.

Russ C. Student, Southern Methodist University, Texas

You are an amazing speaker and an incredible author. Your Rockstar Approach has made a large impact in my life. I now look at networking in a whole new way. I always want to be a “YES” when a recruiter meets me and now that I have had this training I believe that I am capable of doing so.

Amanda M., Student, Boise State University, Idaho