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We are so excited we get to bring you back to campus multiple times a year to speak to our students – they love your energy and your powerful advice every time!

Maureen Manion-Leone Senior Director, Career Management Center Emory University – Goizueta Business School, Georgia

So many people are ready for a better job… but just don’t know how to land one.

What if you could get the clarity you want in your career search in just an hour?

Jaymin has worked with numerous clients over the past 7 years to help them clearly understand and articulate who they are, who they want to be, and how to become effective networkers who go on to land their dream jobs – some of which include 6-figure salaries! He offers coaching packages to fit the needs of various clientele:

The Rockstar Foundation Hour helps you develop a Rockstar Foundation to your career search in 60-90 minutes to get you moving in the right direction with the right momentum.

The more complex and detailed 10-Step Rockstar Coaching Program helps you transition to your dream job. This program includes exclusive access to Jaymin’s Network of Rockstars, which includes contacts at some of the most sought-after companies in the world.

In his Rockstar Performance Coaching, Jaymin walks you through the process of figuring out your life passions, and shows you how to leverage them and operate at your peak performance in order to achieve your Dream Job (new job or promotion!)

You’ve already made an investment in your job search, why not get the maximum return on that investment?

“If you’re determined to wake up every morning and be excited about what you do, then I’m determined to help you be successful!”
Jaymin J. Patel, Multi-Book Author & Founder, The Network of Rockstars

See what some of Jaymin’s Clients have to say: Jaymin is truly a Rockstar. I met him at the Net Impact conference in San Jose, after I graduated from Hult International Business School. At that time I was full of doubts about which path I should have chosen in my future career and talking with Jaymin gave me the right tools and motivation to start to discover what I am good at and what kind of impact I am bringing into the world. Jaymin’s passion and energy are contagious and inspiring and I wish everyone to have the chance to meet him at least once in their career life!
Simona I, President 2013 of Hult Net Impact Chapter, Master of Social Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School (San Francisco Campus)

Jaymin is a great asset for anyone thinking about “what next” in their career. He asks the right questions to build out your value proposition, evaluates resumes, provides recommendations and helps craft a great career story. Jaymin’s ability to put career priorities in perspective are very valuable, and I am happy to recommend him!
Indu R., 6 Years of Industry Experience, 10-Step Rockstar Coaching Client

Thanks for all your help with the resume review and for recommending the book The MBA Guide to Networking Like a Rockstar, which I currently have with me. The sessions really helped in providing a concise format and key highlights during my education and career… Managers in the company were interested [in promoting me to a new position] after reading the resume… the fact they took the time to read and comment after reading it speaks volumes on the impact of a well prepared resume!
Praveen M, 7 Years of Industry Experience, Rockstar Foundation Hour Coaching Client

I was fortunate to have connected with Jaymin… When I reached out to him, I was halfway through my MBA, which meant the fall recruiting season was just around the corner. I knew I had to prepare quickly and thoroughly to land my dream job but felt overwhelmed and directionless. Thanks to Jaymin and his 10-step Rockstar Coaching Program, I had a path forward and felt ready to tackle anything the recruiters were going to throw in my way. I am confident I will land my dream job with Jaymin’s help! I highly recommend him to any MBA student who is considering a job change.
Cindy L., 8 years of Industry Experience, 10-Step Rockstar Coaching Client

Types of Coaching:

Rockstar Foundation Hour:

What are the 3 pillars that create a Rockstar Foundation?

  1. A Rockstar Resume that catches the eye of Recruiters and compels them to read it
  2. A Rockstar Story that conveys both your strengths and weaknesses in a self-aware manner
  3. A Rockstar Trajectory that outlines your career path towards what your “true fit” really is

How it works:

You will set up a 60-90 minute phone call with Jaymin for a one-time coaching call in which he will assess and enhance your resume, develop your personal narrative or “pitch”, and help you craft the right story to help you achieve your career goals.  Jaymin will also assess the various trajectories that would best fit your career development and provide you an honest assessment of whether you are a Rockstar Candidate.

10-Step Rockstar Coaching Program

What are the 10 steps in the Rockstar Coaching Program?

  1. Conduct a deep review of your resume
  2. Perform a personal assessment of where you stand across the 11 Attributes of a Rockstar Candidate
  3. Conduct an assessment of fit – enable you to clearly articulate why the next role is the right fit for you & prioritize the companies you should pursue (via a proprietary excel prioritization sheet Jaymin has developed)
  4. Develop a succinct articulation of your “story”
  5. Create your Personal Networking Strategy (PNS) – identify the messaging, approach, and individuals to engage from the companies you are interested in.  We’ll discuss goal-setting, tracking, and appropriate strategies for each company (including an excel tracking sheet I’ve developed)
  6. Generate initial communication materials and talking points for networking sessions, 1 on 1 conversations, and other interactions.
  7. Practice actual dialogues and strategies for networking sessions, 1 on 1 conversations, and other interactions.
  8. Review email communication and messaging, including follow-ups (the make or break of networking!)
  9. Assess initial responses to your PNS and make adjustments as necessary
  10. Close the deal – engage with influential individuals in your network to gauge your chances of success and ensure you make the interview list!

How it works:

You will set up a series of 60-90 minute phone calls with Jaymin to conduct a deep assessment for each of the 10 steps in the Rockstar Coaching Program.  Each call will bring you nearer and nearer to being a Rockstar Networker, and equip you with skill sets you can use your entire life to find success.

Those clients who complete all 10 steps successfully also get a personal recommendation from Jaymin and access to his Network of Rockstars which includes contacts at some of the most sought-after companies in the world across a variety of industries.  It typically takes ~10 hours of coaching time to complete all the steps, however many clients request more or less time as they advance through the process.

Rockstar Performance Coaching

How it works:

You will set up a series of 60 minute sessions with Jaymin to help identify who you are as a person and what your life passion really is.  He will meet with you every week to give you clarity, hold you up to your highest potential, to motivate you, hold you accountable, and support you in breaking free from whatever is holding you back so you can achieve your personal and professional goals.

Sessions begin with a series of personality and career tests to understand you better.  Then a deep assessment of your resume will identify not only what you’ve achieved in your life thus far, but why.  Together, you and Jaymin will identify relevant career paths that are part of your “true-fit” career trajectory, and develop a means to evaluate and prioritize your options via an Excel model created by Jaymin.  After identifying career goals and target roles, Jaymin will help you build a foundation of relevant skills sets and experiences to shift your career trajectory (and life trajectory!) in the right direction.

Additionally he will help develop a Personal Networking Strategy to get you exposure to the right individuals who will connect you to your dream job, and will help you prepare a compelling personal narrative.  A myriad of exercises and practice sessions will supplement this coaching to truly prepare you for success.  There is homework that is required to be completed between sessions, including a list of books to be read.  This is to truly help you transform into the person you want to be.

Rockstar Life-Purpose Coaching also includes confidence-building exercises and discussions regarding inner judgments and fears that may be inhibiting you from truly achieving your life purpose.

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Additional Information on Coaching:


What is the cost for coaching? Are there discounts available? How do I pay?

Costs depend on what kind of coaching is required.  Certain discounts are available for students or professionals between careers.  All payments are received via PayPal.  Initial deposits are required before the coaching session, and the remainder is due within 24 hours of the completion of a coaching session.


How long do I wait before we begin the coaching? How are sessions scheduled?

Depending on the number of current clients Jaymin is working with, you can expect to set up a coaching session within 1 week of contact.  Jaymin only takes a limited number of clients on at one time, and it is likely that he may not be able to take on additional clients during certain periods of the year.  In such cases you will be added to the waiting list.  Typically those who are placed on a waiting list may wait 2-4 weeks before a new coaching slot opens up.  All coaching sessions are done via phone call, and must be scheduled and confirmed via email at least 48 hours in advance.


What do I need to do before coaching sessions?

Depending on the type of coaching, certain homework will be assigned and must be completed before the coaching session.  Initial deposits for coaching must also be made before the scheduled coaching session.  It is highly recommended that you read the relevant books from Jaymin’s list before the coaching session so that both client and coach are better aligned on relevant language and strategies and more time is focused on client development during the call.

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