When a recruiter meets you, he or she will mentally place you in one of four buckets:



Maybe… or


The Rockstar Advantage

The MBA Guide to Networking Like a Rockstar is the ultimate guide to helping you stand out from the crowd and land your dream job. Put simply, it is a practical and actionable approach to creating meaningful and lasting personal relationships in professional settings.

The Rockstar Approach has been embraced by thousands of MBA students and Industry Professionals across the USA and internationally.

Your resume is only half the battle in landing your dream job

This guide will help you:

  • Build confidence in talking to anyone
  • Understand what a Recruiter is really thinking
  • Clearly articulate your own career goals and definition of career success
  • Identify the right individuals to network with
  • Determine if you are a Rockstar candidate
  • Develop personal relationships with influential individuals
  • “Work the room” with ease and finesse at a Career Fair (especially in a “circle of death” situation)
  • And most importantly… Understand what NOT to do, what to do, and when

The Rockstar Approach is the difference between just landing a job and landing your dream job – one that is challenging, rewarding, and pays well.

Join the thousands who have embraced The MBA Guide to Networking Like a Rockstar to wake up to a job they love everyday.