It’s a simple approach:

When an Interviewer sits across from you in an interview room, he or she will mentally place you in one of four buckets:



Maybe… or



The Rockstar Advantage

Confessions of an MBA Interviewer is the ultimate guide to helping you stand out during the interview and land your dream job. Put simply, it discloses the mindsets, expectations, and evaluation processes that interviewers use to advance MBA students through various rounds of interview to the final offer.

The Rockstar Approach outlined in this new book has been embraced by thousands of MBA students and Industry Professionals across the USA and internationally.

If you don’t rock the interview, you won’t land your dream job

This guide will help you:

  • Understand the bigger picture behind the interview
  • Know what the interviewer is thinking the moment they enter the room
  • Identify the 4 key dimensions that MBA interviewers are really assessing in the process
  • Know the 3 most common (& important!) questions interviewers will ask you, and how to answer them
  • Understand the 11 Attributes of a Rockstar Candidate that interviewers are looking for
  • Self–assess and determine if you are a Rockstar candidate
  • Understand the decision process and mindset employers use to forward candidates between 1st round interviews, 2nd round interviews, and final offer rounds… and how each round differs
  • Adopt a proper “Rockstar Mindset” to effectively prepare for the interview
  • Ask intelligent questions to Interviewers at the end of the interview
  • And most importantly… Understand what NOT to do, what to do, and when

The Rockstar Approach is the difference between just landing a job and landing your dream job – one that is challenging, rewarding, and pays well.

Join those who have leveraged Confessions of an MBA Interviewer to rock the interview and wake up to a job they love everyday.

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