Rockstar Approach

Fall Speaking Tour: Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ

I just had this great feeling as I pulled near to Rutgers Business School ( and saw the New York City skyline in the background – such great energy being near the “center of the (continued…)

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Fall Speaking Tour: Kick-Off At Simon School of Business

Seriously, this is why I love my job!  It was a solid 3-hour workshop at the Simon School of Business ( which included me presenting The Rockstar Approach to Networking, leading break-out skill-building activities, facilitating (continued…)

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The Rockstar Approach to Networking: The Beginning

When I was 24, I was offered a 6-figure salary to do a job I absolutely loved with people I admired and for a firm I had always wanted to work with.  But less than a year before that, the same firm came to my campus to recruit candidates – and didn’t even invite me to their recruiting event!  What did I do in those few months that turned it all around?

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